Shadows Of The Wind

by Mesquite Treason

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released August 16, 2015

Written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Blanton Ross


all rights reserved



Mesquite Treason Joshua Tree, California

Cowboys and Indians still fighting

Native Americana woven into a blanket of noise interference.

Sonic manipulations of prepared instruments and
extended techniques.

The continued pioneering spirit of western lore.
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Track Name: By and By
Stare forever your eyes in the sky
all your hope strung patterns etched in heavens dull eyes
rain down in the patient stillness waters in the wires
Surrender to the rack and ruin saccharine wine
surrender to the fiction that we're all born to die
whats woven in mosaic is complete in design
what's coming Is coming
fight flight or sit by
by and by focus upward
by and by as we try
Track Name: Ride that Raven
Oh Lord, I'm comin round again
I've dreamed this moment for the destiny of men
centering fair desires our home in the flames
and welcoming the wind like children in the rain
Roam carry my home
Roam carry my home
I own my own again

when I bid my long goodbye to may
wanna wear a sinners skin
but i don't want any rope to come my way

times been bleeding
I been breathing

Oh listen to the bones blow blind
give an autumn sigh when I shed my hide
morning burns the retina bare
rid me of my old black hair

whoa that rope I see
river of hope I appeal to thee
Give me one more hour till I ride that raven

Just give me one more day
I'll be on my way
Track Name: Winter
Words whisked away by a whinin' wind
I left what's west to get 'em back again
trite as right
mind the sight of a child
should have stayed in yesterday
I won't believe that water's turned to wine or something solemn
the ray of light when i touched the sky
burns forgotten oft to harvest ice while comedy remains

Disparate coalescing
warmed by your side
time sits a red redress
storm born from a distant keep
winding home where the calico women rain in waves on the surface of the stream
Blind flood of dumb youth

I do believe we have met before on this road
many lives we wore
now i want more

we earn new sight in fun on the run
collecting funds from the wintery scum
build a house rust on the mountain ridge
while the blood pissed down on the city streets
a gift of love we become we've become
a gift of light in the sun we're the sun

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